Thursday, November 22, 2012

Everest Again

Climbed the highest mountain (Everest) again, at the autumn season of 2012.  Much colder, harder it was.  While I climbed Lhotse, nobody summitted on both mountains, and even accidents occurred.

Everest (left) and Lhotse (middle) seen from the Western Cwm.

A mountaineer climbing on the Sheer Lhotse Face.

Moreover, a poignant trouble have happened between the (foreign) members and the Sherpa mountaineers.  The series of the trouble looks complex and of course not-finished.

Now let me begin to look back on my experience on the mountain.  Hopefully some issues can help to understand the nature of the untold series of mountaineering experience.


  1. Are you and your team, the foreign members? What were issues between the climbers and sherpas?

    1. Venky, thanks for your question. I was a member, of course. The issues I will be writing here, so please keep waiting :)