Monday, September 9, 2013

Whose Choice?

I was the person in the position in between the expedition members and the Sherpas.  However, it is quite subtle affair who would choose Sherpas for a team.  If a member chooses, responsibility for the Sherpa's demeanor to be to the members.  But still, there are "good" Sherpas as well as "no-good" Sherpas, not only for members but Sherpa themselves.

Ngaa Tenji Sherpa, who was supposed to be a team guide (sirdir) for my team has told me twice that Sanu Sherpa would not come with us.  I replied to him, firstly, "year, okay," and secondly, "would I call him; how could he come with us?"

He did not replied "yes," in words; however, his face told more.

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