Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Death, before which we find impossibility to be transcendental

"Whenever about to start climbing, the idea of death always decides the first step of every possible trails of thought," I wrote in my diary Oct. 4th.  There will be sadness of others if I die.  What, however, is sadness?  Do we really want to avoid death because of, as Lacan understands, the "deceitful expectation for the future", and, therefore, has sadness itself been founded on a futile ground?

I would say, even though Lacan's disinterested interpretation gains favor, that it is the ground on which we live on and through where sadness, fear, and many other widely understood emotions would have dictated our present, and where we probably cannot disociate ourselves from the phenomenal world.  Put simply, I believe we cannot transcend our worldly nature, although we might imagine as such.

The broken tent of the Japanese team at camp one, 6,100 meters high.

I found the main tent at the camp two being half-broken by the strong wind, 

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