Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Everest: Toilet for lust

"Everest is a jumbo toilet, toilet for lust." - by Rim, a filmmaker.

at the everest base camp.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Whose Choice?

I was the person in the position in between the expedition members and the Sherpas.  However, it is quite subtle affair who would choose Sherpas for a team.  If a member chooses, responsibility for the Sherpa's demeanor to be to the members.  But still, there are "good" Sherpas as well as "no-good" Sherpas, not only for members but Sherpa themselves.

Ngaa Tenji Sherpa, who was supposed to be a team guide (sirdir) for my team has told me twice that Sanu Sherpa would not come with us.  I replied to him, firstly, "year, okay," and secondly, "would I call him; how could he come with us?"

He did not replied "yes," in words; however, his face told more.

Nature for writer

You need to continue to write on, in order to live out the world as accepting one's life as of pleasure, even though evident is you'll be faded out from the world.

- at an airplane to KTM