Monday, March 25, 2013

Coming back from Mountain

Helicopter at the Everest Base Camp

Riding a helicopter full day sat on the Temba's body.

Had been considering whether I should have come back to Kathmandu, but finally got on the heli at the Everest Base Camp.  The pilot perhaps British or Australian seemed not at all care about the dead body, and, rather, he looked like enjoying an acrobatic flight.  He was coming from Kathmandu this morning, and let us down to a flatform at Namche for hours, flying to Island Peak carrying tired climbers from its high camp to the B. C.  

Helicopter flying down from E.B.C. to Namche Bazar

I was just hungry, finding out that nothing I ate the morning.  Our liason officer Gyaljen Sherpa gave me a biscuit.

The Namcher policemen wanted to open and see the dead body's face, to whom I expressed my anger.  "It took a great effort, why do you want to open it!"

"This is my work, and I need to check whether he dead as reported," he said.  "And, if nobody wants to care about him," he continued, "how can he do any?"

Poor Tenji lost one pair of his gloves somewhere today.

Descending onto a yard of a hospital at Kathmandu, we have found a girl screaming and crying, must be Temba's eldest daughter among three.  How shots of cry would gain back a dead life.

Came back to a korean hotel where we members stayed before launching expedition, taking back my luggage and logging on via my laptop.  No having lost my memory of my ID and password, that I had done months ago.  Went back to Dawa's house to sleep.  So much out of mind.


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