Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sherpa Life in Winter

Finally, I returned back to the Makalu Walung Sherpa village.  It was the winter 2012/13, and, before coming back to Kathmandu to prepare next spring's expedition to Mt. Everest again, I stayed there about little more than one month.

I have been writing articles on my experience at the village with the Sherpas on the Korean monthly magazine "Mountain" ('Sahn' in Korean) where I contributed as an editorial member.  Here is I think not a best place I could write about my experience in its entirety, so, I wouldn't do but, if you want, visit the site and read  yet everything is in Korean.

arriving at the Walung Sherpa village, finding canola flowers all blossomed

one eight-year-old girl pour hot water to my "tongba" (millet whisky) cup

winter is "good" season for the people.  cool and clear weather, without much work.  most "puja" and marriages occur.

Sherpanis carrying down "ssolum" (fallen leaves and etc.)

killing a pig

tough life at the lamb hut

an old Sherpa man making a bamboo basket ("chebboo")

Dhaaja puja at the "Purba"'s house

Sherpa expedition to "Kambalung", a sacred cave for Nepalese, Yaphu area.


  1. I am also Sherpa from Kurima Solukhumbu but I never show this types ritual in Buddhism.......

    1. yes, there are many different Sherpa regions in Nepal. It is clear that obvious difference may be observable between the customs of khumbu and of other regions such as sankhuwasabha.