Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Expedition, But Meanings Are...

Many media have focused on this expedition.  Media in the US focus generally on my own work, whereas those in South Korea show varied nuances.

The media in my university, University of California, Riverside, focus on my own job:

Outside Magazine, a popular magazine in the States, wrote an article based on the article of the UCRToday, but slightly in a different fashion--focus on the local culture:

Live Science, a sister magazine of Our Amazing Planet, writes an article about how and why I am trying to study about an extreme experience:

Flying out to South Korea, I discovered varied repercussions:

Only mentioning a few facts of expedition:

Focusing on the climbers (me and Mr. Yoo):

The Newspaper at Seoul National University dealt with this event three times already: Each are focusing on one member's intention and personal history (, on the professor's life history (, and on the Launching Ceremony (

There are a few more that deal with this expedition but not web-based: The Newsletter for the Alumni Club at the College of Agriculture and Life Science at Seoul National University (as focusing on the club's intention) and the Monthly Magazine Man and Mountain (two, each on one member's intention and on the process of launching the expedition).

As the expedition leader, I think the article appeared on the Newsletter for the Alumni Club of the university is the closest to the over-arching meaning of the expedition.  Ironically, it is because, the article was written by a significant member of the expedition, without receiving any editing from other people as other articles did.

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