Thursday, August 23, 2012

Communal Body: Taste

During the first days I had consciously expressed my delight on having the foods, frequently saying "Simbunok" (It is delicious).  However, it looks, now to me, the hostesses may have not expected from me such expressions.

Of course, there is obviously a difference in taste of each dish of food in accordance to the cooks.  And, most of them, as most of us do, prefer tasty dishes.  How would the food, however, be cooked?  All the materials of the food are commonly--not household basis--prepared.  More importantly, the "eating mouth" is, not an individually owned organ of the body, rather a commonly-owned organ.  Let me try to explain more carefully.

Sherpa would continuously ask each other whether they are in a hunger, looking at other's cup of beer is going to be empty.  The skill of soliciting and having others to eat or drink is, at least to me who had believed his own country (S. Korea) had the people who are the best in the skill, surprisingly great.

From here begins my hypotheses: 1. Having a full stomach ALTOGETHER is better; and 2.  the hunger is a pain that should be avoided as it arises from an individual body.

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