Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Essence of Life: "Crystalization of Time"

Chickes shoo away each other.  From the menacing, they would run away, but only a few steps.  No more consumption of energy.  It is same with the relation between cow's leg muscle and flies.  In their menacing there is no real "killing" but only pretending.

What is "pretending"?  It is basically pretending of a trial to kill yet without real loss of the targeted life.  There is always a doubled-consideration on life:  one thinks life as a concept, as if one says "you have a life and I may occur a loss of the life of yours."

In other words, no life-being deals its own life without a consideration of the worth of the life.  Life has never been just a flow of time; it always encomposes of "crystalization" of time, as Maurice Merleau-Ponty words in his posthumous book "The Visible and the Invisible."

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