Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Order Naming

Most Nepalese people call their close friends with their "order names" as below.

Male order

1st - Zetah
2nd - Mailah
3rd - Sailah
4th - Kailah
5th - Ahndare
6th - Jahndare
7th - Mahndare
the last - Kancha

Female order

1st - Zethi
2nd - Maili
3rd - Saili
4th - Kaili
5th - Ahndarni
6th - Jahndarni
7th - Mahndarni
the last - Kanchi

*No name for 8th or more if among nine beings or more
*If only one being exists then he/her will be called Kancha/Kanchi.

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