Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Now: Past Experience

I cannot say the mountaineering "finished."  Every moment including writing this turns out the new, totally newness of thinking aback.  Perhaps it revolves around the mystery of "now," the substance of time.

The very minutes I was being on the top had least spread out any special present.  It just was.  Arriving back to the BC without any serious injury to all our members and receiving a great welcome from the senior members of the alpine club at the camp, already the "climbing up" became some delightful incidents.  When the hired Sherpas were happy with the "summit bonus," when all the members enjoyed a farewell party at Kathmandu, when we met a number of people waiting for us at the Incheon airport, etc. the meaning of the expedition continuously changed.

It is Gilles Deleuze who connects time with now: There is no such a thing past or future; there is only now.  "Now" is composed of the two, "to the past" and "to the future."  Then, it is easy to remember something called "past experience" is made up from now, which always cannot be fixed, as flowing river.

The Photo Exhibition of the Expedition

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