Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Force of Water, Force of Life

It was difficult not to become absent-minded in the face of the impressive flowing water of Arun Nadi (river) on the flimsy suspension bridge between Walung Phedi and Yamalung.

We human beings focus on something that grab our senses. We feel "power" from the inanimate objects.  Then, however, the problem is I cannot comprehensively know whether any object which we ordinarily regard as being without life is in reality without life.  Simply, I feel anything that I might express as a "force of life" from the mighty flow of the water.

We normally are used to believe that only animate being has life, and the boundary of life-being demarcates itself at the "skin" of the beings.  However, it proves to be a simply absurd idea if we find the fact that their is no clear border between the "inner" and the "outer" parts of the body.  Rather, both are connected in an analogue relation, not in any qualitative difference, "digital" binary.

I am not arguing for such a Gaia hypothesis, by which organic and inorganic forms of beings may constitute a whole.  No holistic idea I consider here.  Rather, I think of "materials" for making-up a life.  We should consider, in order to reveal the secrets of life, time, the visible, and the phenomenon.

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