Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Essence of Life: Path

Most locally made paths are not straight.  You will soon find you walking not straight but turn left and right in every step you progress.  Functionally it is much easier to walk uphill in a zigzag way.

Local path in a Sherpa village.  Although it looks straight, you will find you walking zigzag.

Then, however, one must be confused out if he/she does not have any idea of the direction he/she want to follow.  Whereas they would warp out in each step and sometimes look to stagger as they walk, they have in mind any "linear" course of walking.

Moreover, To walk means to move.  To move always involves a result of a transformation of physical position: a purposive, subjective behavior.  In other words, without any sense of purpose there cannot be a walk.

Then, what is a "sense of purpose"?  My initial thought: it is an outcome of abstraction of time.  It is based on a firm belief of the presence of tomorrow, which is in actual you cannot prove out.

It seems that the abstraction of time and place is an essence of life.

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