Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leaving: Qualitative Difference

After the short period of stay in the Walung area, Tendi and me had to leave out to Kathmandu.  The moving out to another place from one's village needs a luck from the god for the Sherpa.  Two roosters had to be killed for serving us; wishing luck ritual "Milam" had been placed by a lama Ang Temba who is indeed Tendi's father.

Ang Temba Sherpa (41) wishes us luck as conducting "Milam".  He is the father of Tendi (Zetha), Maila (Lakpa), Saila (Nang Tessi, 12), Kancha (Nang Pemba, 9), Zethi (?), Maili (16), and Kanchi (13).  

Maila Lakpa cooking a rooster at the brazier.

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